Going to my beloved campus (26/09/09)

After got a little party with my close friends, I take preparation, I prepare everything which needed when I follow the teaching workshop at my beloved campus, ya…only several minutes again, my aunt and her daughter would like to pick up me, because we will go there together, while waiting their coming, I spent my last seconds with my mutual friend by playing football game in the computer.

“When you will be back again?” my friend asked me suddenly.

“I don’t know too exactly, but if I predict, I will be back eight months later” I answered.

“Wow….its a long time….when we will spend the day together again? Uph….I will miss this moment” he said reluctantly.

“Here is the life, sometime we have to leave someone or something which very valuable for us to realize and make our dream become true, because everybody of us has dream, and of course we want to make it become true, because when we can realize and make our dream become true, we will get a satisfaction, and its what we want,” I said unconsciously.

Someone said that life is a choice; we have to choose something which felt very difficult for us, because sometime the choice comes between two difficult choices, so we must be diligent to take a best decision for us, even it will be very a difficult thing to done, and now I’m feeling it, I do want to remain here, I wanna stay around my friends, but for the sake of my dream, I have to leave them, I must take my own way, because I believe that every body of us has own way in undertaking this complex life. Someone said that life is struggle, I think that here is the struggle, struggle to reach our dream, to get the best in our life here and here after, and when we struggle for something, sometime we must sacrifice a valuable thing or moment for our life, leaving our beloved friends, family or anything for the sake of our dream, I think it’s a sacrifice too, because we sacrifice our feeling, and I do believe to a proverb which say that “life is struggle, and struggle without sacrifice is nonsense”.

Unconsciously, I have leaved my hometown away, and I life in a strange place for me now, I have to adjust my self as soon as possible with my new environment. May I could undertake my life well, so I can reach and make my dream become true……….to be continued!


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