“That’s dinkie die, I swear…”

I really dizzy if I think about my real condition nowadays, I really don’t nave any passion to do something, whereas I’m now in “Devotion” era. I ever read a sms from my teacher which sent to his son, “this era will determine the successful of your future”.

Sometime I do don’t know what must I do here, I really dislike this condition, because this was different with what I have undertaken previously at my beloved boarding school. Actually since I arrived at this place, I always try to love the job which loaded to me, but until this time I don’t find the feeling.

I remember the proverb said that “love your job, so you will be enjoy to do it”. Perhaps it was right, if I like the job such as I like my sweetheart, I believe that I will do everything for it, such as I treat my sweetheart.

I don’t want to be a hypocrite man, but I really don’t know what must I do.

I just feel that “this is dinkie die, I swear…..”

Anyone can help me there???

Give me your suggestion….


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