The Importance of Teacher in Education Field

Education institute is a big hope for this country to wake up from the laxity of all life aspect. The nation which was stricken by the crisis since 1997 and till this time still can not draw out from this multidimensional crisis, and this need the youth generation who skilled at knowledge and modern technology, in their shoulder the glory of this country is being defended, but their coming is not only waited and imagined, the young generation must be planned, endeavored, emerged, and struggled maximally, systematically, and structurally. It was what we recognized popularly by the name “school and boarding school”. Both educational institution become the big pillar to bear the potential youth generation in the future like the society hoped, beside it, the informal education in the family has the important role to support the success of formal educational institution or informal, specially in internalization of faith (Iman), belief and  morality which suitable with the doctrine of our religion.

In this case, the teacher is the main actor, beside the parent and another element for the success of education. Without the active role of a teacher, the education will be empty from material, essential and substance. As best as the curriculum, vision, mission and financial, the quality of education will fell away sharply if the teacher is passive and stagnant, but on the contrary, as weak and bed the curriculum, vision, mission and the power of financial, if the teacher is innovative, progressive and productive, so the quality of education will advance sharply, moreover the good system is supported with the quality of teacher which innovative, so the quality of education will be more advanced.

Here is the strategic site of a teacher in educational world, so that, there was not any choice for the teacher only to be able to be an ideal and innovative teacher, that is the teacher who afford to adjust his self with the demand of era which more advanced and competitive, he has spiritual power, intellectual, emotional and social highly, beside it, he is a creative teacher for applying the advancement (penetration) and renewal continually and consistently.


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