The cruelness of Israel Zionist at Gaza

Christmas day and the new year of Islamic calendar (Hijriyah) and Christian calendar (Masehi) for this year, becomes the gloomy day for the citizen of Palestine country in Gaza, how can it be?, the jet plane of Israel bombed cruelly and killed hundreds victim of innocent people and hundreds of them being injured, and what a strange!, the president of USA (United States Of America), Mr. George Bush just keep silence without any reaction and comments, ironically, so does Mr. Barack Obama as the new elected president, he just the same with his former, just keeping silence, so, what kind of changes which will be brought with Barrack Obama in Palestine case? A great question which appear in our selves.

Actually, there wasn’t any strange with the attitude of America, because as written with John Mersheimesmer and Stephen J.walt in their popular book: the Israel lobby, that America foreign politic was hijacked with the Jew, they has controlled senate and strategic position of America, America department of foreign affair which leaded with Condoleza Rice or even Hillary Clinton as the candidate who will change her position, they willn’t change their policy/prudence to support Israel, white hall which would be controlled with Rahm Emmanuel as the staff chief should be the centre of politic policy/prudence which support Israel, so don’t ever expect more to Obama in this case, because between Obama and Bush, they are just the same, defending Israel hardly.

According to Bush opinion, Hamas government in Gaza is terrorist government, he doesn’t care to the fact/reality that Hamas was elected with the majority of society in democratic election which held on 2007, Hamas is a politic organization which have wide supporter and network in Palestine, but stated as terrorist organization with George Bush as the president of United States Of America (USA).

If more people hates Bush, it’s really understood, because as the leader of a nation which campaign the democration and human right, he doesn’t do any think at all, there wasn’t intention to curse moreover to punish/judge Israel, whereas the nation leaders such as prime minister (PM) Tipvi Lipni and his pioneer of former, Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak, he deserve to be brought to the international trial for his humanity crime/wickedness in Gaza.

What a pity! World society can’t judge Israel, because it was saved by America, America done it (helping Israel) as far as they want caused they don’t get the pressure from Islamic countries, moreover some kings of Islamic countries was informed that they give big prize to the leader of America Department of Foreign Affair Mr. Condoleza Rice, and another example which we had known it before.


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