A Girl behind the Gun

The air blow smoothly…..smashing their cute face, two girl are riding a motorcycle in high speed, they don’t have exact destination, they just want to hang out in this bright afternoon, they pass the arrange of stores in the right and left of the road, which arranged untidy as commonly cities in our country…suddenly one of them shouted to her friend to stop at a store……hand phone store.

“Ran……. stop there………. I would like to buy a pulse.”

“Ok boss…..it’s easy, I will do it with pleasure” M said

“May don’t call me with it, I’m your friend/buddy, not your employer.” she replayed

“Ok bitch… I see, as you say”

The two close friends stop their motorcycle in front of a pulse store, then one of them get off from the motorcycle and walk through the store for buying the pulse….

“May I have pulse amount twenty thousand rupiah for Simpati card?”R said

“Of course girl, this was you mean” the servant said while giving a voucher card.

“Here is the money, thanks a lot okay” she remarked.

“You are welcome, here is the rest of your money, by the way, don’t you need anything except it?” The servant asked her while giving her the rest of her money.

“No, nothing, Perhaps in another occasion” she replied. Then she leaves that place with her friend continuing their journey at that twilight, they seem so happy, it’s appear from their face shape which colorful, the cheeriness of them continued when they arrived at R’s home, and at that time R asked Maya to spend the night in her home to accompany her, because her parent will have journey to a such city, so she felt that she will be lonely if her parent was gone, so she decided to ask for M to accompany her as long as her parent go, and finally M accepted her invitation, she can not refuse it, because she felt that if she refuse that invitation, I will hurt M, and she does not want to do it, because she want her fellowship with R will endure as long as possible.

They has been a close friend since they in junior high school, at that time, they stay in one class but they sat in different table, because they have some similarity each other, so it make them easy to be closer, and after they recognized each other, their fellowship get closer till this time when they have been sitting in the last class of senior high school since seven month ago. They walk on their activity of school together, not just it, they always spend their day together even just for some hour, the important one for them was togetherness, because they believe that by togetherness, they can defend their fellowship, because they had proved it with their selves, but they realize that there was not perfect in this earth, everything has the excellence and the weakness as the difference which differ it and another, so do they, as long as they have been the close friend, they was faced many differences, quarrel and scuffle which sometime drive them into a affray, but finally they aware that it was the unique from the fellowship, sometime the difference can not separate the fellowship, if we have believed each other, everything was going to be the best, and this statement always be the pattern of their fellowship till this time, so that they can defend their friendship till this time.

#          #          #          #          #          #

“R…….wait me please! Give me chance to clarify it, indeed I don’t have any affair with him” M said while crying and chasing R who runs away in front of her quickly, but she does not have any power to chase her, she aware that her friend was really angry to her, and she did not know, what must she do? She has tried every way to clarify it to her, but R did not want to hear her clarification, moreover hear the clarification from her, replying her invitation to talk about this case, she did not want, “what a complex problem I am facing now” she mumbled, she confuse what must she do now, R has been her friend for three years ago, she is upset to her now, caused with misunderstanding between them which happened two days ago, when she and R’s boyfriend, A, went to a mall for buying the prize for R’s birthday which will come one week anymore, at that time, A invited me to accompanied him to a mall for hunting a suitable prize for his girlfriend who will celebrate her seventeenth birthday, he invited me because he though that as her close friend, I certainly know her favorite good, but when we were at the mall, we met with R and her mother, suddenly R was angry to me, “this really unpredicted, you said that you could not hang out together with me because you would like to accompany your mother shopping, but in the reality now, you hang out with my sweetheart without any information to me previously, you are really a cruel friend, beside a traitor” she said angrily, and since that time, she never want to have small talk with me anymore moreover to be approached, and this condition drive me confuse, in other way I want to help her boyfriend to buy something as the prize for her birthday. So do A, he said that R never want to receive his calling, she was really angry to him, and he was confuse too, what must he do now?,  sometime I think that it was better for me to give up, but if I think deeply, must this case break our fellowship which has been built for three years ago. (To be continued)……..


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