Youth Vs Modern Fashion

In Artikel on 13 Januari 2010 at 16:28

If we talk about the modern fashion style of the youth, we will be very sad watching our young generation who was affected with the western culture, their fashion style weren’t denotes that they are Muslim youth generation, they imitate western people in every parts of their life, not just in fashion style. And what a sad! They wear it proudly, there wasn’t shy feeling  in their heart, whereas they can differ where was the right and the wrong one for them according to the doctrine of our religion, They feel proud and more confident if they imitate or cheat the western culture in their interaction with their friends in their daily activities, and this statement can be proved with you, you would find them (youth generations) like stated in this statement, and if we talk about the broken youth of our generations, we will wonder in our heart, what was infected their behavior till they imitate the worst behavior of western people?.

Actually, most of fashions or designs of clothes including the veil for woman, which designed specially for us who embraced Islam is unsuitable shape or style to be wore with us, and it’s designed to damage the Norm of our religion, furthermore caused by the globalization era, and the effect of western culture which can’t be stopped day by day, So this happening or event grow up uncontrollable, and we are as youth generation must be aware and avoid it, and choose the right manner or the best custom for our selves and our society, including the style of fashion which brought by this globalization era, because if we aren’t being aware, we will be affected and we will follow their bad habit, if we follow their bad habit it will damage our future in our life, because we are youth generation who will be watched and valued every step of our custom, and if talk about the cause of it, we will find so many cause, but the most was below:

  • The impaction of television or electric medium

In this globalization era, television was become an ordinary thing in our life, almost every family has it, from highest level till lowest level base on the wealth, they have it. And if we see at glance to the program which performed in the television, most of it performs unsuitable custom for our life as Muslim, whether it from the story which adopted or from the actors, most of story perform the cruelness, fighting and so on, so no wonder, if we often read and see in the newspaper that there were some quarrels between students of University, Senior High School or even Junior High School in our country, and most of them (students) cheat it from the television which they watch almost every time. But the biggest affect of it was in fashion style, when we watch the teenager film, most of the actors wear unsuitable clothes in their actions.

Actually the problem was in the strider of the film, if they think that the story of their film can effect the teenager’s behavior, they will not do it, moreover the strider will look for the right story to be performed on the television, and if the striders can do this, they will change bad assumption of the society about the television, because we known that television give us the bed affect, beside it, it can give us good affect if we use it for right thing, such as for education. But unfortunately most of them don’t care it, they just think how to make their film become the favorite film to be watched, in order they can get big advantages from their film, they don’t consider the education which can be gotten from their film with the audients.

In this case, the government has big responsible to arrange the role of the programs on the television, the government must make the law or role for the film which will be performed on the television, in order the film which be shown on the television suitable for the audience, beside it, the government must make the list of punishment for the violator, in order they don not repeat it anymore, because all the time, our government was not firm in giving the punishment to the violator, whereas we have the role and list of punishment.

  • Magazine or mass media

Magazine has big role in shaping the thinking pattern of children. Meanwhile, in our country there are so many kinds of magazine which scattered from the city to the village, whether it teens magazine or for all circle of society, but too bad!, the contents of it was not suitable for our culture, specially the magazine for teenagers, someone (children) can find the magazine such as playboy, popular and so on easily, and usually the children make it as their reference for dressing.

Whereas in our holy Al-Qur’an, there were so many stories, such as the story of Bani Israil’s cow, the story of Ashabul Kahfi, and the history of old ummah who was given the punishment by Allah caused their violation to Allah’s law/command.

Actually, either electric medium/technology or mass media, both of it can give the users of it the positive impact, so it depend on their (users) selves, if they can filter and differ where is the right and the wrong one according to our religion’s law, they can get the beneficial thing from it, but on the contrary, if they can not do it, the negative impact will emerge from it, so that, we are as the young generation must be smart to filter and choose where is the best and the worst for us, our society, religion nowadays and for the future, because we are the hope for tomorrow who will continue the struggle of our government now, in order our beloved country, Indonesia become a civilized and educated nation, and get great attention from another country in this world caused our success in everything.


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